Sunday, April 27, 2014

Impact of Hippie Counterculture By: Charles Dobner

            Hippie counterculture took its strongest affect during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This cultural movement brought about a variety of social concerns and beliefs, including many ideas that frightened conservative groups throughout America. The hippies’ main philosophy was that life is about being happy, and not about how others thought you should act or turn out. Hippies disagreed with the culture they were born into and believed it to be flawed and rejecting. They believed they should be free to do whatever they wanted in every aspect of life, and they completely opposed the use of nuclear weapons and war violence in general. However, the largest affect they had on American culture was through the sexual revolution they sparked.

The sexual revolution included much public indecency and drug abuse, mainly involving marijuana and LSD.[1] It also affected the entertainment industry where new styles of music, television, and fashion were quickly gaining popularity. Openness regarding sexual matters was becoming commonplace and cultural diversity gained a greater acceptance. Some argue that the movement encouraged a more liberal influence on movies which has degraded our country’s values and corrupted our cultural ethics. Others believe its negative impact was that it encouraged mindlessness in young adults which ultimate result is violence. This could just as well be the positive impact it had on our culture. This “mindlessness” could just be a misinterpreted tolerance that has led to a much more loving and accepting society. Other obvious impacts of this countercultural society are that of the music and trends that arose. Many of these trends have become popular over and over again and the music of this era has continued to gain success. [2]

            There is no doubt in my mind that this sexual revolution put on by the hippies played a large factor in the adult entertainment industry. Although this is a large industry in the United States, it most definitely stands against the beliefs and morals of millions of Americans. The current even that this has on all mainstream entertainment is very alarming to many conservatives. The abuse of adult entertainment eventually turned into the use of sex to earn a profit. It is everywhere nowadays and has a negative effect on music and television.

            In relation to our class discussions, the hippie era had an overall liberal effect on the United States. It is evident that sexuality in this time was much different than any time before it, and the current state of sexuality in America reflects the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s.




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