Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Porn: Should it be allowed?

Bethany Cooper               

Scientists have recently studied to find that porn changes the brain, affects your behavior, and becomes addictive.[1] Is it so harmless after all? Many believe porn has no side effects at all, but do we truly realize the impact watching porn can have on our lives? Addiction is a lot more serious than we realize and porn can be much more addictive than we think. Porn only escalates as well. Scientists have proven as well that when someone actively watches porn regularly that a viewer gradually becomes desensitized to that level porn. This causes a continuous need for more graphic and severe porn. This also allows a person to see these acts as “normal,” which allows them to view or commit these acts without concern.1
 This can definitely be hazardous. I personally believe that nothing good comes out of porn. Porn is unnecessary and negative. What is the point of watching something as a “tease”? This is an unhealthy act which I believe shouldn’t be practiced by anyone. Porn is quite sickening and I think that those kind of sexual acts should only be shared between those people, instead of shown off to the world. Porn is one of the biggest industries in the world. With $10 billion to $14 billion in annual sales,[2] people have forgotten what really matters in these scenarios. Have we forgotten about the ill morals that porn shows? Child pornography and women’s abuse to create pornography is saddening and no dollar could compare to the wrong that is done to create these “works of art.” Another validation of porn use is to get “ideas” for one’s own sexual experiments. If someone wants to know something that bad, why can’t we have a simple discussion on it? Why must we silently let this slide by when we know the negative effects that porn has presented to our society? This shows our lack in priorities that money could ever come before the health of our own children and women. I say we should put a stop to the use of porn on all occasions. Think about all the incidents we could prevent by simply stopping one unhealthy hobby practiced by so many of our fellow citizens. It’s wrong and I truly hope people will start putting these ideas into consideration when creating, promoting, or viewing pornography of any kind. Maybe then we can help make our world safer.

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