Friday, February 28, 2014

Jordan Devan

Block Entry: February

STD’s on College Campuses

In today’s world, sex is taken for granted by people, many being by young adults.  Sex in college is handed out like candy on Halloween, in my opinion, and without thought.  Little do people know is that along with sex come consequences that can put you at risk for life.  People are quick to think they won’t catch something by some meaningless sex with someone they “think” they know, but it’s a very serious subject that even I wasn’t aware of.  Some studies show that in every four college students, one person has an STD. There is an idea that most college students possess that the best sex is done people that want to “go raw” and not use a condom. This is a very unwise decision because people live in the moment and don’t think twice about what the possibility of your partner having an STD especially if you do not know the person. It is shocking to realize that statistically only 54 percent of students use condoms and that’s just for regular intercourse.  Elite Daily has a great article with 10 facts college students should know about STD’s.[1] It’s also incredibly astonishing to know that colleges literally passed out free condoms all the time and students can even go to RA’s and ask for free condoms and students still don’t jump to that opportunity. In the moment of a crazy night, drunk and with an attractive guy, you can’t stop people when it comes to sex.  In reality, a guy that a girl may get with says has gotten with 3 different girls. Those three girls each have had two partners each. That girl hypothetically is having sex with all those people and more. It’s that easy for an STD to spread and mess your life up.  A scary fact is HPV is the number one sexually transmitted disease on college campuses. A vaccine is available for people too and that’s not even being taken advantage of.  The amount of awareness that college students can receive on campus for free is unlimited and its sad to see so many people still catch STD’s.  A big problem is the fact people think they can see a STD walking right by them.  In my opinion, I think students need to be more aware of how easy it is to catch something and in the end, it’s not worth sex or any sexual activity to catch a disease. 

[1] “The 10 Most Shocking Facts About STD’s In College,” last modified April 17, 2012,

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