Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Christian’s View on Homosexuality By: Charles Dobner

            Many people on both sides of the homosexuality debate know Bible verses and have reached new discoveries in science. Although many people take these Bible verses out of context, the truth we can always remember is that God loves all of us. Before going deeper into this blog I would like to warn the readers that some things said in this blog may be taken offensive, but that is surely not how they were meant. The research I have done on the topic is separate from my opinion on the topic which will be shared in the last paragraph. However, you may notice they are quite similar.

            Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Bible as much as most people think due to the fact that there is no literal Greek translation of the word. However, sexual immorality and laws against it are emphasized throughout the Old and New Testaments. These laws are mentioned in Romans 1:26 and 27 and emphasize the unnatural nature of some lusts we have as humans. This includes the indecency of a man who lusts after another man or a woman who lusts after another woman. These same laws also include how a man should not lie down with another woman if he is already married.  Therefore, any form of homosexual activity is by definition immoral—just as any abuse of heterosexuality outside of marriage is immoral. Our society has a way of condemning the homosexual much harsher than a man who has cheated on his wife. According to the Bible, these are both sinful acts and one is not necessarily worse than the other. [1]

            There are many Christians who do not condemn anyone to Hell based off sinful actions, but actually love everyone because that is what God has commanded. These Christians are faced with the hard choice of supporting homosexuality or not. While they do not really support it, they do not want to seem hateful or unforgiving as many religious hypocrites do. This is what I feel is the hardest debate in relation to the topic of homosexuality. There are stories of gays being kicked out of church and also stories about pastors who are forced to marry gay couples due to the laws in that region. When one group gains a certain right, the other group loses one.[2] My opinion on the matter is that there is too much hate being shown on both sides of this spectrum. Of course God does not want the Christian to look down on the gay because that person is his creation just like they are. I honestly believe that gays have taken extreme measures in order to prove a point as well. America has become a nation divided just as in its early days. Sin is sin and no one has the right to call one worse than the other. No matter what is made legal or thought to be unethical, individuals in our nation have become hateful towards one another for all of the wrong reasons.

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