Monday, March 31, 2014

Condoms in the Making
Bethany Cooper
We all are suggested to use them, most of us are very acquainted with them. Some see them as a savior, others see them as a barrier. Are they efficient, or is human error giving them a bad name? The growing development of condoms has left society with much controversy that is still unresolved to this day. But where did these strange contraptions come from? Research shows that condoms can be traced back all the way to 11000 B.C.![1] Some think condoms have always been as convenient as they are today but the truth of the matter is, condoms have come a long way! Condom use blew up after syphilis was on the rise in the 1500s.2 Although many see condoms as a new idea, they have evolved throughout history just like other common products. And even though condoms today are manufactured, condoms used to be home made. The oldest condom still in existence today is from 1640 and consists of pig intestine and could be reused.3
But the composition of condoms isn’t the only aspect that has changed. Condom usage was originally put hand in hand with prevention of venereal disease.2 Today I believe it is more typical for condoms to be used as a birth control in comparison to preventing disease. The motive of condom usage varies from scenario to scenario. Using condoms also can depend on how close and committed one couple is. Some find condoms as a hindrance to the way sex feels. Others see the pleasure of sex as less of a priority. But the risk could be huge depending on the situation at hand. Although, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for condom usage. Condoms were expensive and uncommon at first but they eventually “upgraded” to vulcanized rubber.3 I believe condoms are vital when one has multiple sex partners and wants to prevent pregnancy. They are an efficient method that, if used properly, can help prevent certain unwanted situations. However, one shouldn’t rely solely on a condom for these needs, as they are not 100% effective. But it is truly amazing to see how far condoms have come and the way they have evolved throughout history. Today condoms can be found in many colors, flavors, textures, and materials.1 Who would have thought condoms could have such a variety? It definitely leaves us wondering what the future market holds involving condoms sales and usage.

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